About ChristCurved

ChristCurved.com is about the ChristCurved life. It is a life lived in contrast to the life curved inward on itself. In theology this self-bent life is often referred to in Latin as, “Incurvatus in se” meaning, “curved inward on oneself.” Bent away from God, this is a life that seeks fulfillment in itself apart from God. Its opposite, then, is what might appropriately be referred to as, “Excurvatus ex se” or, “curved outward from oneself.” This is about a life curved outward toward Christ and others. For the glory and honor of God, the ChristCurved life is a Spirit-empowered life that is all about loving God and loving others. Prayerfully considering what God has revealed in Scripture and through creation, as understood throughout Christian history and theology, in response to our experiences and relevant contemporary issues and more, the aim of this page seeks to engage hearts and minds with truth and love.